Monday, May 23, 2011


That's right folks, it's time again for our second annual Jolly Daze Vertical Tasting.  Beginning at 5PM on Tuesday, May 24th you will get to try the current 2010 vintage alongside three other vintages:  2009, 2007, and a very special 1997 (yes, you read that correctly. At least that's when we think it's from.  It's old...)

Pricing for the beers will be as follows:

                   2010          '09,'07,'97
5 oz.           $2.50              $3.00
12 oz.         $3.75              $4.25
16 oz.         $4.50              $5.25
20 oz          $5.00              $6.00

A Vertical Sampler of all 4 Vintages (5 oz. pours) is yours for just $11.00.

We will also have the Jolly Goblets for sale again this year.  They will run you $10 if you just want the goblet, but what fun is that, right?  For $13 you can get one filled with Jolly, and you can continue to fill it all night at the 12oz price of your choosing.

Also very special this year, we will have those 22oz Vintage Dated Jolly Bombers we spoke of a few weeks ago.  They will be available TUESDAY NIGHT ONLY for the astonishing price of $7.49.

So get on down here and get Vertical!  (...although if you like your Jolly like I like my Jolly, horizontal is way more likely...)

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